We are Plotters Ink

We are a young, homegrown independent agency, which helps brands strategically communicate with their audiences. We believe in creativity with returns. We believe in brands. We believe in conversations. We make it happen.

About PlottersInk


A personality is what helps identify one individual from another. Brands, similarly have an individualistic personality which differentiates them from others. This individualistic brand personality helps in engaging with their audience by virtue of a consistent tone of voice, helping the brand build a relationship with the audience. Identifying and shaping these brand personalities is what we expertise in.


If history was taught to us in the form of stories, we should remember it better. This ‘shelf-life' of a story depends on how well it emotionally connects with the audience. A good story tends to live longer, reach further, and express better. Content which emotes, expresses timelessly is what we create.


The story created for each brand is built around the idea of throwing open a dialogue with its audience. The success story of a brand is its capability of optimizing the power of conversation and interaction. A strong story empowers the brand to do more, reach out wider, connect deeper and extract maximum from the resources available.


A well-woven story helps a brand become emotionally tangible with its audience; emotions that can be felt, touched, and experienced. The essence of the brand smoothly translates into expression, fetching tangible returns through brand recognition and brand loyalty.

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