Website Design


Niyogin Fintech Limited, a public-listed NBFC focussed on building an ecosystem for SME growth through financial and lending solutions, decided to re-build their website. This new user experience design had to cater to the Indian SME, cut-across barriers like demographics and culture, while positioning the brands as contemporary, technologically-forward yet approachable. The design language created was minimal, edgy yet simple, with neat edges and no curves. Straight lines and clear sections helped the website look modern and sharp. The colour palette used was a melange of the brand blue, turquoise with subtle yet striking magenta. The gradient formed with the hues of blues and magenta gave the website a clutter-breaking look. There were prompt call to actions at every step for the user, to ensure there is active participation from them. The layouts were simple without overlapping messaging, ensuring a seamless experience to the users. The content was written with the objective of not overwhelming an SME and be perceived as aspirational at the same time